Trend Alert: The Return of “Purple Jeans”

Purple Jeans popularity of colored denim has not diminished, but it was a trend that sat in the background while other trends took notice. Many denim companies are now paying attention to one color. It’s purple. Balmain’s jewel-toned bottom was walked in suede by Balmain, and many other designers have now released their designs in the colour.

There are many to choose from. The collaboration line Liberty and MiH includes the Purple Jeans velvet Marrakesh Jeans. Siwy’s Hannah Crop is available in Lilac. Paige Premium and Joe’s Jeans both have leggings in this amazing colour. Acne Kex Crystal skinny in Lilac is another option. These jeans have a marbled purple wash Hollister Jeans that will make you stand out. Which one is your favorite? These and many other styles are available below.

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M.i.h once again makes sure that we never get bored of our denim. This vibrant purple color is great for spring and can be worn with either a frilly top, or peeking out under a dress to make denim more festive. You can pair it with heels for a more formal look, or you can wear them with sneakers to keep it casual. These are your wardrobe’s secret weapon, and they will help you make the right choice every weekend.

You can rekindle your relationship with American-made purple skinny pants in Spring/Summer 2019. This season, it’s not about the “something blue” custom. It’s all about finding the best purple pieces to make the Purple Fashion Jeans style your own. SS19 is the right time to #PaintItPurple, whether you love pastel purple shades or want to rework some of your favorite style pieces.

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Before we give you our top tips for how to wear your all-American high waist purple skinnies, let’s take a moment to explore the psychology behind purple as a sophisticated color. Purple is a great example of how colour can speak volumes about your personality. Purple is a visual representation of luxury, optimism, creativity and style. It’s a very popular colour for today’s trend-conscious and worldly woman. Bullet Blues can’t get enough of violet and plum hues, burgundy hues or eggplant.

Fashion Color Forecast: Pretty in Purple Jeans for SS19

Ultra violet tones were prominently featured in the collections of both established and new designer labels at the Paris Fashion Week shows this year. This is a clear sign that Purple Jeans has made it to the top of the trend charts. If purple happens to be your favourite colour, this is great news. You don’t need to be a model to wear purple like a pro. It’s evident that purple is having a moment, both on the runways and with street style bloggers and Instagram influencers.

A Short History of Purple Jeans

Consider the color purple. Do you think of royalty? Purple was a popular colour worn by royalty throughout history. Royals were the only ones who could wear purple. Purple Jeans dye, which was created from a sea snail species, was extremely expensive when it was first created. It was so expensive that only royalty could afford it. Queen Elizabeth I, during the Elizabethan era, maintained this exclusivity by forbidding Black Jeans anyone from the royal family to wear the purple colour. Purple was eventually made more affordable by synthetic purple dye.

What is Purple, exactly?

Purple is a mixture of blue and red. It comes in many shades. Some shades are lighter than others, while some are darker. Others are more pink or more blue, and some have more brown. Purple Jeans are the most popular purple colour. Dark purple is also a common choice. These colours are often used as logos, school colours, and team colours. Purples are more common in certain seasons than others. Spring and Easter are synonymous with lavender, which is a pale purple. The fall and winter are more popular for eggplant purple, which is a deep red-toned purple. There are many different shades of purple in food. Consider berries. This berry, despite the name black being used for blackberries is actually a deep purple color. Mulberries and raspberries both have a reddish purple hue. Many red wines have purple shades. Merlot, cabernet, pinot. These purples are all red-toned.

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Find Your Purple

First, choose a purple that you love. There are many purple shades, as we have already discussed. There might be some shades that you don’t like, but that’s okay. We’re sure you’ll like at least one of the many purples available. Keep your eyes open for the right shade.