Five “Harness Fashion” Options for a Body 

Summer without Looking Like a Victim

The body Harness Fashion is here! It’s not a bulky, rib-cramping accessory from Game of Thrones. The look was taken to IRL heights by fashion art Emily Ratajkowski at Zana Bayne’s studio, known for its sexy leather goods. For a slimming effect, the model-actress wore the multibelted top over a loose, strappy tank.

To channel Vuitton’s style, layer a bra-hugging leather piece on top of a delicate lace frock. This will give you a saccharine boho look. You can also try the two-strap version, which is barely noticeable and paired with a white tunic. If you feel frisky, the scalloped leather bra is a great option. You hear that? Now is the time to get your summer gear on.

Strap in–The Official Fall Harness Fashion Event

It’s hard for us to believe that it’s been over a year since Timothee Chalamet’s Harness Fashion broke the internet. It has been so popular and still gets talked about that you would almost believe he wore it to the 2019 Golden Globes. This look is the pinnacle of modern men’s fashion and a sign of what’s to come on the red carpet with more gender-bending looks.

Although we may not be there yet, beauty and the beast lyrics this awards season was quite dull. But thanks to Chalamet the Harness Fashion has survived as the cool accessory for men. Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan wire fashion boots Harness Fashion es shortly after the Golden Globes. Also by Virgil Abloh of Louis Vuitton. Lil Nas X wore a Versace Fashion to last year’s Grammys in neon-pink Versace Harness Fashion. Although none of these looks achieved the viral status that Chalamet’s sparkly accessory did, they caused quite a stir.

Harness Fashion es don’t seem to be a new concept. Michael Jackson wore them. Helmut Lang and Vivienne Westwood have also created their own versions. Chalamet’s case was all about the feminine embellishments and touch of kink. He is Hollywood’s next-gen star. It was also that he didn’t appear like a victim. His look was a bit outlandish, but still relatable. He wore black trousers and a shirt under his Harness Fashion. These are two items that every man has in their closet. Similar to Jordan and Boseman, they wore their Fashion es instead of classic monochromatic suits. The addition of Harness Fashiones didn’t cause you to lose your perspective or change your perception. It was simply an improvement on an already existing formula.