How to host the Perfect Outdoor Children’s Party

Outdoor parties are great fun, provided the weather is good! Instead of being stuck inside, your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors and explore new areas. If you are thinking of hosting a party for children in the garden, or renting an outdoor space, here are some top tips. Our pre-made scavenger-hunting games can be used indoors and outdoors for large or small parties. Everything is included and delivered directly to you by email. Treasure hunts are a fun game that lasts about 40 minutes and can be rightly called the most delicious dessert. There are many themes speurtocht kinderfeestje that you can choose from, and the story and riddles are tailored to the age of the children, which is 4-6 years old or 7-10 years. Simple enough for you, and great for the kids!

There are many options for food

A variety of delicious party foods will be a hit. You should make sure that:

  • * Avoid sugary and healthy snacks while balancing your diet.
  • * Drink regular fluids, especially on hot days to maintain fluid levels
  • * Shaded seating is recommended for children who are eating.


Outdoor parties are incomplete without games. Being outdoors will allow you to play many different kinds of games. You can also organize a depending on the size of the garden and the age of the children.

* Treasure Hunt

* Water balloon battle

* A messy flour and water game where you have two tubs, one filled with water, and one with flour. To ‘fish’ a sweet, the children must use their mouths to get it out of a tub filled with water. Then they will have to do it again in a flour tub. They will have fun when they try it with flour. They need to keep their hands behind their backs at all costs!

* Relay race

* Talent Show – Get the children into groups and give them suggestions of things they could do, e.g. Sing, dance, and create a funk song for their own competition.

* Obstacle Course – Another fun idea is to place some string on either side of your garden and let the children know that the string is a laser beam that they must crawl under. You can also use garden toys such as a slide, paddling pool or paddle boat. A slide, where they must slide down the slide and then come back through the “laser beam maze” or paddling pool.

You can have a lot of fun with a little imagination! !

Grapevine can help you if you don’t want to do your entertainment, or if you prefer to have some professional entertainment. Many outdoor parties have been put on by us. They are extremely popular, especially in summer!


Professional children’s entertainers can take the pressure off of you as a host and make the birthday boy/girl feel special. There are many entertainment options that can be used for outdoor parties.

Children’s entertainers can bring so much joy to any party, and include great activities like:

  • * Magic tricks
  • * Puppet shows
  • * Comedic Comedy
  • * Dance- or musical-based activities
  • * Balloon modelling
  • * Exciting themes
  • * Science parties
  • * Clowns
  • * Discos and many more


A theme can bring all the elements together. A magician theme is a good choice if the children are performing magic tricks. Children can dress up in their favorite characters and have food and games with a magical theme. You can invite guests to an outdoor treasure hunt in pirate costumes. Your entertainers could also include a pirate theme.

Our bubble and activity party is great for kids who are active and looking for a party with lots of fun.