Top 10 Current Cultures

1. Eurozine Magazine

Eurozine offers the best cultural magazines right at your fingertips. Eurozine can also be accessed online. Eurozine provides a European overview of current topics and discussions. It is an online magazine that facilitates communication between the journals and readers.

2. BBC News >> Current  Culture

BBC Culture provides an international overview of film, TV, books and music. Frequency: 10 posts per week

3.The Guardian

The Guardian brings you current culture news, opinions, and photos. Frequency 30 posts per week

4. Cannabis Culture

The current Cannabis Culture magazine is about cannabis and hemp all over the globe. We are an activist magazine that advocates for the liberation of marijuana.

5. Christ and Pop Culture

Christ and Pop Culture seeks out signs that the Christian Faith meets our common knowledge. We discuss and demonstrate how to engage in pop culture. Frequency 5 posts per week

6. BC Alliance for Arts and Culture

The Alliance for Arts Culture in British Columbia is the largest arts information aggregator. It also serves as a resource for the arts, current culture, and heritage community. The Alliance includes over 400 members representing all artistic disciplines. It is made up of professional associations, artists, and social profit groups from throughout the province. Frequency: 3 posts per week

7. Pop Culture Brain

Pop Culture Brain covers everything you need to know about pop culture. Not just what’s hot. Frequency 2 posts per day

8. Trendland >> Culture

Online magazine that reviews trends in design, art and travel. Frequency 5 posts per quarter

9. FRANCE 24 >> Culture

Through FRANCE 24, you can get the most recent news on all French cultures. Frequency 1 Post / Day

10.GQ >> Culture

The World Health Organization reported on December 31, 2019 that mysterious pneumonia had struck dozens of people in Wuhan, China. It would take me months to realize the extent of what was happening in our world and at our workplaces.

Writing blogs about employee retention felt very tone deaf by mid-March. I never imagined that I would be sharing with you, dear reader how to lay off employees with compassion or how leaders can share heartbreaking news with their employees.

This year has been the best. However, 2020 has given me a lot of meaning in my role as Great Place To Work(r), blog editor-in chief.

Together with our culture experts and data scientists, I have had the privilege of helping you. From COVID-19 pulse survey advice to making your Black employees feel safe and seen in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death,

These are the top blogs we read in 2020. I hope you find this advice to be as timely as it is timeless.

7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Support Remote Teams in Social Support

Social support is proven to be a shield against many problems. These proven methods can increase team spirit and social closeness in remote teams. Rinse and repeat.

How to survey employees during a crisis

These things can be done in a delicate manner. You can avoid common survey errors and maintain employees’ trust by doing it before, during, and after you click “send.”

Four Ways Your Business Can Support Working Parents during COVID-19

2020 brought a new crisis in childcare and the term “pandemic parenting”. Research shows that companies that invest in their employees and their families experience 5.5 times greater revenue growth. This is an employee group that you cannot afford to ignore.

Here’s a guide to the discussion you should have right now

Employees who think about stress outside of work are less likely to reach their full potential. Talk about difficult topics in the office with compassion, care, and purpose.

Get the support you need to give your black employees today

George Floyd’s death sparked a worldwide awakening to the systemic racism in our institutions and cultures and the Black Lives Matter movement. This is how you can support Black people at work without adding trauma.

  • What are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs?)?
  • What, where, how, and why of Employee Resources Groups.
  • Here are the Top 7 Workplace Factors that Impact Employee Health

This roundup contains a list of actions that you can take to improve employee happiness. It is filled with research and examples from Best Workplaces(tm).

How to Recognize Remote Employees during COVID-19?

One company shows how 99% feel valued – even when they are far away. Take their ideas and use them to recognize your employees for 2020.

Tips to Increase Manager Effectiveness in Your Company?

According to them, employees do not mikasa cosplay leave their companies; they leave their managers. Six tips from culture experts to help managers of people excel.

Why you should survey your employees right now?

Your manager isn’t convinced that an employee survey is worth the recession-cut budget. Employee surveys can be difficult to avoid in a crisis. They can damage their trust, increase anxiety, and even cause financial problems.

Your actions are as important as what you say. This blog demon slayer shoes is for do-ers like you. Take the time to learn from our experts in company culture and continue doing great. Thank you for reading 2020.