Jill Whelan, Love Boat star, shares love boat memories

Jill Whelan, Love Boat star, shares love boat memories and cruise tips

Travel is my passion! It is not clear when I got the travel bug. When I was young, we didn’t travel a lot. We would drive from North Dakota to North Dakota in our car. We drove south to Mexico a few times. We camped a lot, it’s no secret! Jill whelan parents would always pack up the tent, and then attach a small trailer to the back of their car to take us to a campsite. These trips were often taken with a large group of friends. Many summers were spent houseboating with our friends. While I don’t believe we “traveled” much as children, we did get out and explore!

Jill whelan dad was passionate about showing us the beauty of the world. He never drove past an interest point without stopping. My dad  lorenzo zurzolo was a very patient driver and would stop at every opportunity to make sure we got to the Custer National Cemetary at Little Bighorn Battlefield. We did!

Travel was something that I discovered while on joie chavis the road. My bucket list is very long. A cruise is one item on my bucket list. I have not yet taken a cruise. Friends who have sailed on cruises tell me wonderful stories. The ships are amazing – the food, entertainment, and ports of call. A cruise is a great way to spend your vacation.

Jill Whelan, who spent much of her childhood on a Princess ship, is the best person to talk about the joys and pitfalls of cruising. Jill Whelan was Vicki Stubing’s daughter, Captain Merrill Stubing.

Do you remember Love Boat? I sure do. My parents took us camping while Vicki Stubing was on a cruise and exploring the world.

Jill whelan was a great conversationalist about her experiences on the Princess Ship. She shared her most memorable moments celebrity xploration and the legends she acted alongside. Hollywood stars like Betty White and Carol Channing, Gene Kelly, Shelly Wins, Tom Hanks, and Shelly Winters are just a few of the names she shared.

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