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Trendy “Turquoise Nails” Designs

Turquoise may not be your usual nail color but it is stunning! The popularity of turquoise nails designs has increased over the years. Turquoise is a soothing color that can be paired with other colors like silver and black. You can also create many different designs with turquoise nails. You can either create a traditional look like a turquoise French manicure or a trendy look like a half-moon mani.

These super cute designs are perfect for anyone who has a turquoise nail polish in their collection.

1. Turquoise Glitter Accent Nail

The turquoise glitter accent nail is a quick and easy way to make your turquoise nails pop against white!

2. Black Swirl Turquoise Designs for Nails

Turquoise nails are stunning when paired with black swirl designs in whimsical black colors. You’re bound to get a few compliments!

3. Turquoise Feather Nail Designs

These stunning feather turquoise nail designs can be russian cream backwoods recreated by anyone with a small nail file.

4. Simple Flower Turquoise Nails Designs

A sea of turquoise makes simple pink and white flowers stand out beautifully!

5. Designs for Dark Gray and Turquoise Nails

The dark charcoal gray nail polish contrasts current well with the vibrant turquoise. The stripes give this mani a trendy, polished look.

6. Turquoise Nails Tips

You don’t have to do a boring French manicure. Instead, try a beautiful turquoise one. It won’t be hard to love it!

7. Turquoise Glitter Gradient Manicure

Because the two colors are so complementary, delicate silver glitter creates a beautiful gradient in turquoise nail designs.

8. Turquoise Nails Designs with Black Tips

As you can see, black and turquoise go well together.

9. Turquoise Tiger Striped Nails

If you’re looking for a wild and crazy look, try turquoise tiger stripe nail polish!

10. Daisy on Turquoise Nails

This daisy design shows off the cuteness hyo silver of flowers with turquoise nails.

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