Fun Monkey-themed Birthday Party Games

Do you have a monkey-themed party planned for your child’s birthday? These games will be a great way for guests to have fun at a monkey-themed party. Continue reading to learn 10 games that will allow your children’s party guests to have fun and pretend to be a monkey for a while. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: In today’s world that is constantly changing our goal is to design and develop low-cost products that can be enjoyed by everyone during the hours , and also to help with the preparation and planning of birthday parties, celebrations, schatzsuche kindergeburtstag events celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and family celebrations by providing tips and techniques.

Who is the Monkey?

Gather your friends and pick one player to guess the answer. The child who is the guesser leaves the room. The monkey is chosen by the rest of the players. The monkey-like player begins to move. The monkey player is copied by the rest of the players. The guesser is then brought back into the room to observe the movements of the crowd. The monkey’s movements are constantly changing and the rest of the group must follow the monkey’s lead to avoid giving away the identity. She can choose the player for the next round if she correctly guesses.

Monkey Chain

Divide the players into two teams. Assemble them to form a chain. Each team should be given a barrel of monkeys. The first person in line must take one and then pass the barrel and monkey to the next. The second player must attach a second monkey and pass the barrel on to the next. The third player attaches a third monkey. The chain continues to lengthen, making it more difficult to pass the monkeys. Players will pass the chain in the opposite direction if the barrel reaches its end and still has monkeys inside. The winner is the team that emptys the barrel first and has an unbroken monkey-chain.

Monkey Freeze Dance

This game is similar to Freeze Dance. The music will play and the children will start to move like monkeys. The music must stop and the monkeys should freeze in place. If a player doesn’t freeze immediately, they are out of the game. Keep playing until there is only one remaining player. He is the winning monkey dancer.

Music Vines

This monkey-themed version of the classic musical chairs game is called monkeys. Instead of using chairs, hang lengths green curling ribbon from your ceiling. They can be hung in a circle or row to look like hanging vines. Hang one more vine than players. While music plays, children circle the vines. They must reach up to grab a vine when the music stops. The monkey that was unable to grasp a vine is out. Start the music over again by removing another vine from the ceiling. Continue playing until one player remains holding a vine.

Banana Relay

Divide children into two teams. Each team should be given a spatula, a banana, and some food. Place a line a few feet from the starting point of the race. Each team must have one player carry the banana onto the spatula, then turn around to return to their respective teams. The banana-on-the-spatula is handed off to the next player in line. A player who drops the banana must restart. The task is completed by the first team.

Banana Peels

Tape yellow paper to the floor by cutting out banana peel shapes from yellow paper. Have the children dance like monkeys to some music. The music must stop immediately and the monkeys should immediately freeze in their place. Anyone caught on a banana peel “slips” and is out of the game.

Banana Split Race

Divide the players into two teams. Each team should have everything they need to make a big banana-split sundae. Place the ingredients and items at one end of a room. Then, have teams form on the opposite side. Relay-style, players race to collect all the items. After they have collected all the items, they will make a banana split sundae. Although the first team to finish wins, they all win because they get to share the sundaes at end of the game.

Pairs of Banana Peeling

Divide the players into pairs. One hand should be tied behind each player’s head. Each pair should be given a handful of bananas. Give each pair a timer so they can work together to peel the bananas. The team with the most bananas is the winner.

Banana Eating Contest

Place one small, peeled banana onto a plate. Make sure you have one plate for each player. Spread whipped cream on the plates. Players should place their hands behind their backs to see who can find their banana and eat it first.

Monkey Stomp

Inflate several long, yellow balloons to play. Toss them onto the floor. Set a timer, and the monkeys will be sent in to stomp on them. They are challenged to get them all off the floor before time runs out.