Harley Davidson Watches: are now available

Peter Fonda lost his watch in Easy Rider. However, he might have kept it if he owned one of the new Harley-Davidson watches made by Harley Davidson Watches Bulova.

Time Essentials, a distributor in Australia and New Zealand, has inspired the 36-piece range of watches for women and men.

John Papaioannou, managing director, says that one model features the Harley spoke wheel design and another has the brand’s famous motto “Live to Ride”. Many other models include the iconic Harley bar and shield Harley Davidson Watches logo.

“The Harley Davidson brand stands for cool and is well-known. He calls it the Levi’s of motorcycles. Time Essentials also sells Jag, Fiorelli, and Champion watches. 78B141 Harley-Davidson Men’s Watch High-quality authentic gold watches Harley-Davidson watch for men with signature looks! Hake Jewellers, Barrie, Ontario has Harley-Davidson men’s watches by Bulova

The Dashboard Collection by Bulova includes this Harley-Davidson watch. This watch is made of stainless steel and features a black ion plating with an orange quarter-turn detail, black hands, luminous tips and an orange secondhand with the Harley-Davidson counterweight. Your watch will be secured with a snap back clasp and double-press foldover clasp with safety lock. The perfect watch will match your ride, with a 2-year warranty and a 50-meter water resistance.

Harley Davidson watches were designed with bikers and riders in mind. These watches are made to look great, be stylish, and durable – just like the bikes. Every Harley Davidson watch is made with top materials and designed with the exact same care as their bikes. Bulova, the watch manufacturer, makes their watches.

William founded Harley Davidson in 1903. S. Davidson was 21 years old when he created one of the most famous motorcycle designs ever. They are one of two American motorcycle manufacturers that survived the Great Depression.

We understand how important your Harley Davidson watch to you is and that its sentimental value often outweighs its wooden watches monetary value. Our watchmakers are experts in making sure that your watch will last for many years.

We can not only take preventive measures to ensure your watch runs for many years, but we also have the ability to restore watches that have been damaged. We will hunt for rare parts. We’ve done many repairs that other people have given up. We can repair any watch, no matter how big or small. We can repair watches as simple as changing the battery, replacing the pin, or even replacing the band. Or, we can do a complete restoration, including a dial refinish, band/case polish, movement overhaul, and movement clean-up.

It is easy to send your watch to us. We offer free estimates and free return shipping for all watches that have been repaired. Times Ticking was founded in 1983 as a repair and retail shop for watches and clocks. Over the years, we have added more retail stores to our portfolio and established a separate repair facility that accepts watches from around the globe. We are proud to offer personalized customer service. This is what makes us stand out. We have a very high customer satisfaction and high return customer rates.

The motorcycle company Harley-Davidson is a respected brand that we have held in high regard for a long time. It speaks volumes to people who love freedom and good riding. Harley-Davidson is loved by many and they love to share their passion for the brand. This is why we started making watches that fit the biker lifestyle. These watches would look great with the bikes. They were not available at Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Dealers. Now, Harley-Davidson watches can be purchased at select retailers. We are privileged to be able to offer these fine products at one of these distinguished retailers.


Harley-Davidson is a global brand that unites people passionately, authentically, and deeply. H-D’s values of freedom and self-expression transcend all cultures, genders, and ages. It is satisfying to be recognized as an iconic brand, but H-D’s mission is to ignite the passion within people all over the globe.

Harley-Davidson(r), motorcycle riders come in many backgrounds. All riders share one thing, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity: they are all adventure-seeking, freedom-loving individuals who aspire towards the Harley-Davidson values of authenticity, independence and the joy of the open road.

We welcome everyone who shares these values and the desire to ride a motorcycle around the world in our quest for the next generation of riders.

Four young men set out to create a motorcycle company at the dawn of the 20th century. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded in 1903 by William S. Harley (22) & Arthur Davidson (22) who convinced Walter (27) to assist them with building the first Harley-Davidson(r).

It was designed to be a racer, with a 3 1/8 in bore and 3 1/2 in stroke. Their factory was a wooden shed measuring 10×15 feet wooden watches trending with the words “Harley-Davidson Motor Company” painted on its door.

William A. Davidson (37), brother of Arthur and Walter Davidson quit his job as a tool foreman at the Milwaukee Road Railroad in 1907 and joined the Motor Company.