The Busy “Girls Activewear” Guide to All Types

Girls Activewear and yoga gear have seen a boom in fitness, personal training, and workouts over the past decade. Here are the best styles of workout apparel to help you choose the right pieces for your next International Yoga Day.

What: There are two types of these shorts. One is a pair with a flap across its front that gives it the appearance of a short skirt, while the other is a full skirt with shorters underneath. These shorts are worn by golfers, field hockey players and tennis players.

How: The original design of this garment was inspired by the fact that some Girls Activewear sport associations required that skorts be included in their official uniform. The skirt is actually more modest than wearing only shorts, and has no additional functionality.

Tip: There are three main types of cuts available: A-line, straight, and pleated. The cut that suits your sport best will depend on what you do. For sports such as golf, A-line cuts can cling to the legs and are more suitable for those who prefer straight or pleated skorts.

Girls Activewear Gloves

What: Sports gloves can vary depending on what sport they are used for. You can choose from full-coverage, fleece-lined gloves to ski or a light, padded option for lifting weights at the gym.

How: Sports gloves protect your hands from the elements, from equipment and from cuts. They absorb sweat and give you a better grip at the dumbbells at the gym or on the side of the mountain that you’re climbing.

Tip: Make sure you buy the right gloves for your activity (e.g., don’t ski with gym gloves). Also, make sure you try them on before buying. Online shopping is great, but don’t order unless you’re familiar with the brand and its girls activewear cut.

Exercise Shoes

What: Shoes that are specifically designed for different exercises. They provide proper arch support, flexibility, and cushioning.

How: Lightweight running shoes with extra cushioning for sprints and marathons; Cross trainers (increased stability and greater flexibility for exercise that requires lateral movement like CrossFit, Pilates, and Yoga); basketball shoes (ankle support or molded grip bottoms to prevent your feet from slipping in wet conditions); golf shoes (cleats on your sole for traction on the field; soccer boots (cleats for traction on the pitch); tennis shoes (sturdier sides for support the constant lateral movement); You want to buy? These are the seven best places in Singapore to purchase cheap running shoes.

Tip: Make sure you choose the right shoes for your sport. They are designed to protect your feet from injury and absorb any impact that may cause damage to your back and joints.

Cycling  Shorts Girls Activewear

What: Also known as spats or biking pants, these shorts are knee-length and skin tight and designed to increase comfort and efficiency. Some styles have padding for extra comfort during longer rides. They are often made girls activewear from a sweat-wicking fabric.

How: The majority of cycling shorts don’t have a waistband, so there is no discomfort while you ride. High-compression material is used to support muscles and reduce fatigue. You can also get cycling bibs, which are shorts with two straps to ensure your pants stay in place.

Tip: Make sure your shorts fit comfortably but don’t make it too restrictive. You still want to be free to move your legs. If you stand straight up, you will notice that the material is a bit looser in the butt and longer at the back. This is because you may lean forward while cycling.

Running shorts

What: Running shorts that allow for freedom of movement and comfort. Running shorts usually have an inner lining which acts as an underwear, so you don’t need to wear it separately. They also include an elasticated waistband for comfort. For modesty and compression, some styles have short leggings underneath. Here are the top picks for comfortable running shoes for 2018 if you’re an avid runner.

How: Running shorts are comfortable because they have wide leg openings and hemlines that reach high up your thighs. They also allow for freedom of movement, no matter if you’re running sprints or just going for a light jog.

Tip: Wearing a pair of shorts at night is a good girls activewear idea, especially if you live in a city. This will help you avoid becoming a traffic accident. Many shorts have an inner pocket that allows you to keep your eyes open. To ensure that the shorts don’t ride up while running, make sure your waistband fits properly.


What: These are long strips of cloth meant to be wrapped around the hand in order to protect delicate fingers and bones, as well as the wrist during combat sports such as boxing and Muay Thai. Velcro is used to attach them. Have you ever tried boxing or Muay Thai? Here are eight reasons to try a fight sport.

How: Hand wraps can be used as compression. They are thicker to provide a thicker layer protection. These wraps compress the bones and tissues of the hands, which allows boxers to hit harder and feel less pain. To accommodate fingerless grappling gloves, which are commonly used by mixed martial artists practitioners, shorter lengths can also be made.

Tip: Each sportsperson has their preferred wrapping method. You should try them all before you settle on one that provides the best protection and comfort. The wrap should be wrapped several times around your wrist, around each finger and knuckle.


What: Sportswear legend Fred Perry invented the first wristbands or sweatbands. They are still used today to absorb sweat from the hands of tennis players.

How it works: These bands are made of an absorbent material similar to headbands (typically, terry cloth). They can be worn around the wrists and the wearer simply wipes her face with them.

Tip: This is a great option to carrying a towel around your neck at the gym. It can make you feel more comfortable and warmer as you exercise longer. You can use wristbands to compliment your gym outfit. They come in many styles.


What: A one-piece, which is usually a sports bra with built-in straps. It can also come with short, full or capri legs. These original designs were inspired from ballet and dance outfits.

How to: Once you find the perfect fit, you won’t have to worry about adjusting your sports bra or leggings again. Jumpsuits are a popular choice for Pilates and yoga. They don’t allow you to expose any parts during poses and allow for more movement than separates.

Tip: This workout attire isn’t the most flattering as it emphasizes even the smallest bulges. For a more modest look, we recommend wearing a tee-shirt or shorts under your jumpsuit. Make sure everything fits, especially the bra, when girls activewear choosing your jumpsuit.

Yoga Pants

They are looser than sports leggings. These pants are made for yoga. They have a wide waistband that flares out from the knee to the ankle.

How: Yoga pants are made from a jersey-like material and look a lot like modern-day sweat pants. They can be worn with leggings or yoga pants, but they are not as restrictive as leggings.

Tip: If you do hot yoga, make sure to choose leggings made of a breathable fabric. Your waistband should wrap around your lower abdomen and not be too tight. Yoga requires that you hold poses. You’ll want to be as comfortable as you can.

Visor Girls Activewear Cap

What: A cap without a crown that relies on the visor to keep the sunlight out of your eyes. These caps can be fastened with Velcro, traditional button-snap or stretch fabrics.

How it works: The cap acts as a regular cap and keeps the sun out of your eyes. It also keeps your head cool. In some cases, the headband acts as a headband to keep hair from getting in your face. This cap is great for outdoor sports such as golf, where the sun can seriously impact your game. However, it doesn’t overheat your head.

Tip: Avoid wearing visor caps when it’s not girls activewear particularly sunny. The lack of protection in your crown area can cause damage to your hair and scalp.

  • 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Drawstring closure
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  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Super-breathable mesh panels dump excess heat

ColdPruf Women’s Platinum Dual Layer Bottom

  • Inside 100% Cpt Performance Polyester, Outside 70% Polyester, 30% Merino Wool
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  • Machine Wash
  • DURABLE MOISTURE WICKING FABRIC: Women’s pant with 100% CPT Performance Polyester on the inside and 70/30 Polyester/Merino Wool on the outside with Silvadur intelligent freshness that helps in odor control and keeps you fresh and dry
  • RELAX FIT WOMEN’S WEAR: Performance leggings featuring a tagless design, front and back rise with flat seams and comes in true sizing for accurate fit
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Convenient gussets and comfortable waistband maintains coverage and freedom of motion when worn during various activities; Ring spun yarns provides exceptional softness
  • COMFORTABLE BASE LAYER: Women’s thermal leggings are engineered with the dual layering system trapping air between layers providing a natural barrier of warmth

Mounblun Women’s Active Athletic Skort Lightweight Tennis Skirt Perfect for Running Training Sports Golf

  • 83% Polyester, 17% Spandex
  • Elastic closure closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Soft Comfort Material :This golf skorts activewear is made of polyester and spandex. The fabric is comfort, breathability, stretch and rinkle resistant,suitable for sport.
  • Our women athletic tennis skirt skort has two layers, skirt outer and shorts inner, the inner short can provide you with extra coverage, enhances your range of motion, not see through when you’ve been sweating on the court.
  • Womens athletic golf skort with Headphone Cable Hole & Side Pockets – cable hole for easy access to headphones; pocket on each leg for storage of your essentials like phones, keys and cards,etc.
  • High Waist & Elastic Waistband: The Women’s Tennis Skorts with shorts is elastic and comfortable to wear.Provides a comfortable natural fit with plenty of coverage while bending and stretching.
  • Women’s Sports Skorts Perfect for a variety of sports, such as running, tennis, golf, workout, hiking, outdoor, walking and etc,ideal for use with running shirts, running tanks, yoga tops, casual shirts.