The battery in your “Harley Davidson Pocket Watches”?

Bulova, a renowned Swiss watch manufacturer, has produced Harley Davidson Pocket Watches the official Harley Davidson pocketwatch since 2001. It is important that you take care of your Harley Davidson pocket watch and have it checked by a professional for routine maintenance and a new battery. It is possible to replace the battery yourself, but it requires basic tools. The pocket watch is a quartz Harley Davidson, and it’s battery-powered. It has a snap-on back which can be removed easily.

Place your Harley Davidson Pocket Watches face down on your soft fabric. This will prevent your pocket watch sliding on a hard surface and reduce the chance of scratches. Pay attention to the back of your watch. There should be a small gap between the watch’s actual case and the back plate.

This is where you should place your knife blade. Be careful not to scratch the metal casing. A small screwdriver is sufficient if you don’t own a very thin knife.

Give the screwdriver or knife a slight twist. The back plate of your pocket watch should now be removed. You can loosen the back plate watches for reduction by gently working your screwdriver or knife along the entire groove. You should not apply too much force. You should not use excessive force if the back plate doesn’t snap off with moderate effort. The specialist tools he has will allow him to safely remove the back.

After you have removed the back, look at the position of the battery in the pocket watch. Make sure you note which side faces up to ensure that the battery is properly placed.

You can gently lift the clip holding the battery in its place with your tweezers. You can slide the battery out with your fingertips.

Place the new battery. Use your fingertips again to guide the new battery in place. Metal can cause damage to delicate parts of the pocket watch’s internal components, potentially magnetizing them. Replace the back plate. The back plate should snap into place with ease. Before you replace your Harley Davidson pocket watch, ensure that it has a rubber ring between its case and the back Harley Davidson Pocket Watches plate.

To make sure your pocket watch is working properly, check it. If all seems in order, set the timer and use your cloth for polishing the pocket watch.

Harley Davidson is the most well-known motorcycle brand in the world. It conjures up images that are long and winding, with wind in your face and freedom at every corner. This iconic motorcycle icon is a symbol of the “virtual brotherhood” among riders who love the American machine and share their passion for riding. This motorcycle company sells more than motorcycles and accessories. The Harley Davidson Pocket Watch is a great accessory that’s not for riding.

Why buy a Harley Davidson Pocket Watches?

A Harley fan can’t have enough merchandise, with the shield logo and bar symbolizing the iconic motorcycle manufacturer. You can find cheap rolex watches everything you need from boots and shoes to helmets and bandannas to wallets, mugs and pocket knives.

A Harley Davidson watch is a stunning timepiece. These watches are a timeless classic that will appeal to watch-lovers of an earlier era. There are many options for watch manufacturers if you’re looking for a reliable pocket watch. The name of the legendary motorcycle manufacturer is a trusted name that has been around for over 100 years. Every product sold under this name is guaranteed to be reliable and high quality.

Professional watchmakers take great pride in crafting the internal parts of this watch. These pocket watches are easy to maintain and keep track of the time.

Who is a Harley Davidson Pocket Watches for?

Harley Davidson timepieces make great gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts, passengers and former riders.

This watch is also attractive to many others, so they could also make a great timepiece. A watch from the iconic motorcycle wood grain watches symbol would make a great gift for watch collectors and anyone looking to express their love for the brand.

Many people would love to be able keep track of the time and admire the faceplates of their favorite motorcycles of yesterday and today. A pocket watch with insignia, which indicates its authenticity and quality, could be used by anyone who is interested in the brand’s nostalgia. The watch’s name is a powerful statement.

Where can you buy a Harley Davidson pocket watch?

You can find Harley timepieces at many online gift shops, as well as Harley accessories shops and websites. Although you may be able to find them on eBay, there are many sellers who will attempt to sell fake items. Amazon and other online retailers offer a variety of Harley products at varying prices. The average price of a Harley Davidson timepiece is between $50-150, depending on its materials and quality. Good luck!


We are always looking for American-made pocket watches movements to save from scrapyards, restore and preserve in our wrist watches. One of our pickers recently came across a truly magnificent piece. Original South Bend pocket watch movement with the Harley-Davidson logo. It was found in a watchdog heap of other rusted watches that had been thrown away when the gold or silver cases were destroyed. This one was a special one.


This watch’s dial is original to an antique pocket watch movement. The dial was probably hand-painted when the movement was made. It also features the Harley Davidson logo and the South Bend watch brand. Original numerals, hands and numbers are likely hand-painted at the time that this piece was made. The original patina was beautifully preserved.


This original antique movement was made into a pocket watch in 1920 by the South Bend Watch Company, South Bend, Indiana. It has 19 jewels and a beautiful bridge. It has been meticulously restored to its original condition, and it is still running great. This pocket watch, originally adjusted to four positions, would have been high-quality and expensive.

Check out the Harley Owners Group Magazine feature if you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The watch and all of the magazines featuring it are currently on display at Pennsylvania’s National Watch and Clock Museum until the auction for the online chairty is over.


Each watch we make is unique. However, we are able to “find something similar” when a customer finds a watch they like but it is not yet sold. This watch is unique in every way possible. There is nothing like it. We decided not to sell the watch. To support our favorite cause, the National Watch and Clock Museum, we teamed up with NAWCC.

Harley Davidson Pocket Watches We will be launching an auction on NAWCC eBay auction where anyone can place a bid for this watch. It will run from November 8th through 17th 2018. All proceeds will be donated to the National Watch and Clock Museum for future research and exhibitions of historical watches such as this. We hope that you will consider supporting us by sharing our page with watch- and Harley-loving friends and bidding on the auction.

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