7 easy steps, learn how to hem

It is easy to hem your clothes yourself. You don’t need to go to the tailor if you can alter your hemline with a sewing machine. This is how to hem a double-fold hem. It’s a very common type of straight stitch. This technique can be used with a sewing machine or by hand.

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Gather your materials. You will need a sewing machine, an iron, enough thread on your bobbin and pins for this hemming project.

Use the wrong side of your material. Fold your shirt inside out if you’re working with a shirt. If you’re working with knit fabric, turn the backside towards you.

The raw edge should be folded and pressed. Fold the fabric by one quarter inch. To secure the folded edge, iron it down.

Fold again and press. Fold the hem by one quarter inch. Press this folded edge to smoothen it, just like you did the first. This creates the double fold.

Place the pins. Pins are used to secure the hem.

Stitch. Matching thread is used to thread your sewing machine. Stitch straight along the shirt, following the machine’s contours and removing pins as needed. To seal the seam, backstitch (or lock stich) at the end and beginning of the hem. When you are done, raise the needle.

Take out fraying threads. You can trim any threads that are sticking out to create a seamless hem.

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There are 4 types of hems

Here is a guide for beginners to common types of hems.

Double fold hem. This is the name of the double fold method. It involves folding your fabric twice and pressing each time to give your hemming a smooth, fray-free finish. Double fold hem is a good choice for pants or items with straight edges.

Blind hem: The blind stitch is almost invisible to the eye. When the sewing is finished, it will be difficult to see the stitching on the right side.

Zig-zag Hem: Use a serger or your sewing machine’s zig-zag setting to create this overlocking stitch. For bulkier clothing like jackets and coats, the zig-zag stitch can be a better choice.

Rolled hem: This narrow hem works well for light fabric items like blouses, scarves and tunics. For curved hemlines, the rolled hem can also be useful. This sewing technique creates a delicate finish by tucking the edge of fabric into the hem.

Five ways to style a black dress: How to Style Black Dresses

Five ways to style a black dress

Black dresses are versatile and can be worn in almost any season. These outfit ideas will show you how to get the most from your black dress.

In warmer weather, be casual: You can wear brighter and more vibrant summer outfits, but you also have the option to go casual with a black strapless dress and a pair white sneakers. You’ll be ready to go to the farmers’ market or beach with a bag and a hat.

For the office, add leggings and a jacket: Black dresses can also be worn to work. For smart casual office settings, wear blazer, tights and booties with your black dress. Workwear is best suited for dresses with a conservative neckline.

For a night out, don a leather jacket: You can make your casual outfit more personal by pairing a leather jacket with a black dress with a colored jacket.

For a date night: you might want to wear something more formal. For a night out, or for more formal events, wear a black midi dress and heels. Add some flair to your look with fancy accessories like jewelry.

Add a pair of knee-high boots to complete your look: You can pair your black cocktail dress with many types of shoes. You can wear heels in warmer months and knee-high boots in colder months.

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How to Accessorize Black Dresses

You can add your personal touches to a plain black dress by adding color. These are some ways you can accessorize your black dress:

A colorful belt is a great accessory. A belt can be worn over a black dress to add color and emphasise your waistline. To bring your summer outfit together, try putting on a sunhat and a matching belt.

Statement earrings are a great addition to your wardrobe. For formal events, a pair of earrings can be paired with a little black dress.

A necklace is a great choice. A statement necklace can be a focal point for your outfit or added personal flair.

Add a denim jacket to your look. A denim jacket can be worn with casual black dresses made from cotton, linen, and lighter materials for a more casual, comfortable look.

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A crossbody bag is a great choice. While a clutch bag is more formal for special occasions, a crossbody bag can go well with casual outfits and provides a convenient place to keep your phone, wallet and other essentials.