Cutie Beans “Gudetama Plush” Bean Bag Surprise Toys

These Cutie Beans Gudetama Plush Beanbag Surprise Toys are adorable! My kids love surprise toys. Gudetama is a Japanese egg. It is a Japanese animal. Gudetama is a Japanese anima I discovered while looking at YouTube videos with my youngest son. He had seen Gudetama toys being opened. My son was delighted when I gifted them these toys.

Cutie Beans Gudetama Plush

Each egg is wrapped in an outer wrap. It was hard to remove the wrap so I used a pair of scissors to cut eggs. I was hesitant to get in the egg because it has an opening. You’ll find the plushy in a plastic bag after you take off the wrapper. The bag must be opened.

The egg can be opened by flipping it open, and you will see the plushy inside. Each plushy comes complete with a checklist. There are nine options to choose from with rare, common and uncommon options. One of the rarer options is available. This is the first series, so there will be many more. They are very dear to my son and he hopes they will continue to be so.

Bean Bag Gudetama Plush

Five out of six were different. My son likes choose your hard the one with bacon. These were little plushies. They were not meant to be filled like a beanbag. It was very cool. He likes it because they can stand on their own when playing with him.

Last Thoughts

These Cutie Beans make great gifts. My son loves that he can keep his eggs in plastic containers. They are exactly that. There is only one plushy. The eggs come with a window that allows you to see gudetama plush from the inside. They don’t open very easily but they keep closed well. He has never seen one open craigslist medford oregon on its own. He likes the clip that comes with them so he can attach them if he needs to to his backpack or belt loop.

These are my favorites. The embroidery is my favorite. This is a wonderful idea. These plushies feel soft and are well-made. There are so many faces to choose from! It is so adorable! We are currently on the hunt for busted newspaper the rare one. He plans to finish the series 1 collection before the next one is released. We hope that there will be another series. These items are available to purchase at this link. These items are included in my Valentine’s Gift Guide For Kids!