What “WWE What Culture” Wrestling: Issue One

The text-only variant of Things wwe what culture Brand new wrestling bookazine, including 80,000 words of classic wrestling material.

• The Best 100 WWE Matches Of Time: rated And talked

• Guest Columns from former WWE, WCW and ECW Celebrity Shane Douglas, WrestleCrap’s RD Reynolds, and former WWE coach and thirty-year pro Tom Prichard.

• Adam Blampied’s The Way wwe what culture Must Have Booked featuring Rey Mysterio’s World Title reign

• Characteristics on Daniel Bryan, Bullet Club, Kris Travis, Rick Rude, and Triple H

• Exclusive interviews with Nigel McGuinness, Scott Steiner, musician Mark Crozer, and movie director Mark Chervinsky

• An Comprehensive Look in the film career of Hulk Hogan

• Video sport flashback: SmackDown Here Comes The Pain

• Fantasy booking together: Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero, along with the Wrestling World Cup

• Delve behind the scenes together with Tales From Wrestler’s Court, The Way 90’s Hardcore Shaped and Destroyed a Generation, The Lost Art of Kayfabe, and How the WWF Forced Vince To Find The’F’ Outside

• Lists: Tallest Wrestlers Ever, The 10 Many Influential Cruiserweights

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Life in WWE What Culture

Brace yourself! WWE Superstars will take you on A whirlwind tour of the WWE Production Studio: by the country of the art facilities in Stamford, CT into the Mobile Generation Crew who travels across the world to broadcast live shows every week. Meet our talented team which produces an extraordinary Quantity of quality programming such as Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, first content to your award-winning WWE Network, and a host of unique events such as the grand scene of WrestleMania

Ever looking to feed my need for lowbrow Amusement, I started seeing old pro wrestling videos on YouTube. I was raised at a really timeless era for the game (and yes, it’s very much a game despite the scripted nature of the entire thing) and therefore it was a pleasure to once again grab classic shows such as Georgia Championship Wrestling and the mad Mid-South broadcasts. Obviously, YouTube, in its infinite wisdom, was excited to indicate other wrestling articles I would like. One of those suggestions was a string of shows created by the gang at WhatCulture. WhatCulture is a clearinghouse for all kinds of market media outlets, focusing on anime, gaming, as it occurs, wrestling. After a time, I noticed that WhatCulture had developed a printing edition of the wrestling material, even though it’s only on Kindle as much as I could see. That is perfectly fine since I chance to get a Kindle, therefore it was a simple phone to plunk down my $2.99 to obtain the initial issue of WhatCulture Wrestling. Initially printed in 2016, it is a bit dated, but it was a fun little diversion.

Complete STOP: Ok, so…. . I’ll readily admit to being To all kinds of different stuff once I was growing up. Being a child in the 1970s was something of magic. My parents were good parents, do not misunderstand me, but the reality is I pretty much had carte blanche to do exactly what I needed when I was not in school or performing my appointed chores. Hours spent at friend’s homes led to all-day sessions playing softball in backyards and tromping through the woods searching for UFOs and Bigfoot. Additionally, I gathered comic books from the hundreds, and following my dad got me to pro wrestling I found a different magazine diversion that completely intrigued methe wrestling rag. Pro Wrestling Illustrated was the only I recall the best, but there were a few that I’d purchase on a regular basis to feed my addiction. Back in the day it wasn’t in any way uncommon to find a full-color cover of an expert wrestler coated in blood, sporting the red mask for a consequence of well-hidden blading. The internal content was white & black, but generally more gruesome. The images were amazing, and the text was yummy, giving fans each the dirt on the most recent babyfaces and heels and which feuds were the hottest. Man, I ate that shit UP! As a”clever mark,” I knew that the games were fixed along with the actions for the most part staged, although the stories had been well told and the characters well believed it did not matter to me when it was not about the up and up. Vintage days….classic times….

“The Best 100 Best WWE Matches Of Time” – Numerous authors – Supposedly exactly what it bills itself , the guide is really a Mish-mash of overblown egos and abilities that appeared to produce the list only Due to the supposed star power. I get it, no listing like this ideal, but geez, man. To begin with, it restricts itself to just modern-era matches. No Bruno Sammartino, no Superstar Billy Graham, no Iron