You have seen these before. That touch”molded Body” which Ovation guitars are well-known for. Love it or hate it, Ovation celebrity have managed to split out (sorry) a name for themselves at the guitar universe.

The Celebrity is an entry-to-mid degree line aleisha allen, Which will be the perfect budget for people that want to test a new brandnew. This can often make or break an encounter with a specific producer — what’s resting with this 1 buy!

But, I am Pleased to state that when the Celebrity Is the first encounter with ovation celebrity guitars, so you won’t be disappointed. As for me, I have over 25 decades of playing the acoustic guitar on an expert degree, and I am excited to present my review of the Celebrity lineup for you. I will also examine different guitars at the Celebrity lineup and help you find out what’s the right for you.


The Ovation Celebrity Is a Superb guitar to get If you’re searching for a strong acoustic-electric guitar for much cash. Being a entry-level guitar using a middle-of-the-road cost, it’s constructed to a high quality and includes quality materials and electronic equipment. All in all, the Celebrity is fantastic for anybody looking to test an Ovation or put in an acoustic-electric for their arsenal.


My personal favorite — the guitar I perform Often live and unplugged — would be your Celebrity Standard Exotic Flamed Koa. I really like the punch of this Koa wood that matches my style since more of a melodic, lead guitar player.

I invested approximately $500 on it that is Outstanding Value. I always get compliments from the noise techs I use. It is seriously among the best purchases I have ever produced. I am not always a large ovation celebrity man generally, but I sure do love this guitar!


The Celebrity Standard’s body type is clarified As a mid-depth, that will be a description of this thickness of Ovation’s signature jar . The mid-depth bowl gives a complete projection and resonance using a tone very similar to a normal acoustic with average construction.

The Normal Exotic versions have two distinct Bowl kinds to select from. Even the Super Shallow body design loses just a tiny bit of depth and bottom end, but is much more comfortable to perform, especially when standing. The mid-depth will be the preferred for overall tone, but the shallow body boosters are great for simple playing.

SOUND — 7/10

The shirts would be the entry standard: solid Sitka Spruce. The Celebrity Standard neck is mahogany with an Ovangkol fingerboard. Combined, these attributes offer fantastic note clarity and easy playability.

There’s a Small change with all the exotic version Which will be the tonewood that’s utilized to produce the top. Quilted maple, koa, and burled walnut have a tendency to get a more intricate tone and rich sound compared to cheaper Sitka spruce.


The Conventional guitars are in four distinct End forms — Natural, Sunburst, Black, and Ruby Red. The comparatively plain rosette and throat inlays are nothing showy, but that will help to keep the cost reduced without sacrificing the tone or tunability of this tool.

The Exotic includes a flashier Choice of finish types. The inlays are created from the ornate Abalone and the rosette is much more comprehensive. In general, these small tweaks result in a somewhat better-looking guitar, and also help add a bit to the cost.


In Terms of electronic equipment, the OP-4CT preamp comes with an onboard tuner with three-band EQ and volume control. The electronic equipment have a tendency to be where ovation celebrity guitars actually glow. I’ve discovered several other acoustic electrics at comparable price points which don’t possess preamps and pickups that could match the caliber located in Ovations. This is a significant part of the reason why these guitars are fantastic for live performance.


The Cost range on these will run involving approximately $370-$400 for the Standards, and approximately $500 for its Exotic versions. Dave Matthews sported the Standard at a black end from the early 90s so if you prefer ancient Dave, then the cost is not a problem!


Even the Elite models have exactly the Very Same bones, but possess a Distinct soundhole design. This is the layout that folks have a tendency to comprehend because the ovation celebrity. The multi-soundhole design together with the soundholes being put closer to the throat provides more bass response. As for me, I haven’t seen this to be quite a superior layout, simply different.

SOUND — 8/10

The bass response is what sets apart this model In the preceding versions, but that answer is chiefly noticeable when played via a PA or amp. The mid-depth body may actually become boomy, so an alteration at the preamp could be required when performing a soundcheck. The Super Shallow will be the preferred for much more tonal balance and relaxation.

Again, the exotics will have a better sounding Top when compared with the more affordable models together with all the solid Sitka spruce.


Really there is not much happening with the Visuals aside from the cool leafy layout in the soundholes. Binding and inlays will be the regular ABS plastic to its lower-end guitars. The Exotic Elites, will spice up things a bit with Abalone inlays.


Here, you’ll find the Exact Same exact electronics as the Celebrity Standard guitars. Built-in tuner, EQ, etc.. The higher-end Tonewoods of those Exotic versions are emphasized from the preamp, producing a Better tone generally.