Kaja Beauty: Bento Eyeshadow Trio

A few weeks ago, I watched this bite-size stacked Shadow trio on a different site, and that I was lusting after it ever since. I eventually caved and picked it up in Sephora at Boston last Thursday. Kaja Beauty is an advanced Korean manufacturer which makes super adorable makeup solutions.

Each Tiny pan at the trio is about the magnitude of a quarter. The simple to use and easy to travel with pile is around the size of a half dollar (do they make half bucks?) An inch and a half broad, and a inch . It’s a mirror at the top.

I Purchased one of those four new Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Matte & Shimmer trios: 07 Glowing Guava. Every one of those Matte & Shimmer Trios includes two matte shadows plus a single shimmer. Vibrant Guava, a peachy/pinky/mauvey pair of shades.Honestly, I’m having difficulty describing the colour family, however, Kaja calls them”mauvey pink tones”. For me, it appears to possess both cherry and cherry mixed — great colors with this redhead. Here are the color names:

Smoky Sepia Frosty Frosé Velvety Mauve Kaja Beauty

The shadows are creamy, highly pigmented Beauty Creations pressed powders. They’re so smooth. There’s not any powder dust up whatsoever. They’re really simple to use, I sometimes just use my fingers (even though it’s wonderful to have a brush to blend the edges). Actually, kaja beauty recommends employing with palms.

I nearly always use eyeshadow over eye primer, However, with Kaja Beauty Bento Trio, should I neglect to use primer, no actual harm done. Both matte shadows stick like glue in my sterile lids, although the glittery pieces in the rainbow shadow do gain from primer or glitter glue to avoid drifting. However, I do not care if some of those sparkles move about within my lid.

Along with this 4 matte/shimmer trios, there Are 4 piles of shimmer shades for people who like to glow. From what I have read, if you’re striving for the rainbow piles, eye primer is essential to maintain the shimmery pieces set up.

Every Kaja Beauty Bento shadow trio is priced at $21 for 3 strands of nearly 1 gram each. Though this is somewhat pricey, I adore mine. Check out them at Sephora.

A Few weeks back”Sephora” has established a New line of makeup called”kaja beauty”. This collection includes 47 goods, which would be the end result of Korean”K-beauty” as well as the French manufacturer”Sephora”. This collaboration adapts Korean innovative technology under American and European buyers.

Brand”kaja beauty” targets attracting exciting Shades”K-beauty” makeup Western ladies. As an instance, a few of the goods motivated by ice cream modzhi popular in South Korea. Upon contact with the skin of this modzhi-inspired textures flow and melt, such as ice cream, before settling of powder feel.

At the line of goods includes gloss and lip gloss Balm, blush, eye shadow, highlighter, makeup foundation, lipstick, concealer, concealer.As two longtime beauty editors, and we have always made it a point to highlight that the”breakthrough” individuals, moments and products snatching our focus. Nowadays, we’re shining a light on the most recent Cartoon manufacturers breaking via a whole lotta mess. In another K-Beauty vitamin C serum bound to make its way on your top shelf using its purse-friendly price label, into the vibrant Gen-Z toner fire with TikTok lovers, here are our picks of what is guaranteed to be the upcoming big things.

Additionally, If you adore Black-owned beauty manufacturers, Find the under-the-radar Canadian haircare new for curly haired women that has simply been scooped up by Objective, together with a haute hair jewellery lineup designing practical artwork for afros, locs and braids. Naked lipsticks for many skin tones (for real), along with a first-to-market powder for zero-waste lovers — all these will be the indie manufacturers to get in your radar, right now.If you’re searching for a mobile, travel-friendly, intense glitter/shimmery eyeshadow that’s user-friendly, look no more! They are smooth and buttery but they do not smear and there’s absolutely no fallout! I strongly suggest that you try out these.

My enduring love for kaja beauty continues! These lip Stains would be the gateway merchandise into kaja beauty for me personally. I purchased them a couple of months when they were published, tried them out and reach to them very frequently.

If You’re Looking for a matte, buildable and Incredibly durable lip stain, you need to try out these. They are so pigmented and durable I do not use them once I must work that day or the next morning since the stain stays. It’ll pull on a Rick Astley on you rather than leave you. Cheesy but I needed to mention it.

The colour range is pretty strong, the colors go Out of nudes to bolds so that you can surely find a color that is suitable for you and your needs. That being said, I really do want kaja beauty would boost their colors; I’d Like to see darker reds, blood reds, pinks and oranges. Please, kaja beauty, can you Do this to me? Please? Enjoy, your enduring enthusiast.