Choose Your Hard

In which the narrator brought up the topic of “Choose Your Hard”. It is said that you sometimes have to choose between two difficult options, one is easier than the other, and one is better. Although I don’t remember who came up with this idea, I wish I could credit it to them.

These were the examples:

  • Divorce can be difficult. It is difficult to work on your marriage. Choose your hard.
  • Obesity is a serious problem. It is difficult to get fit. Choose your hard.

No matter what path you take, life is difficult. Let’s look at it more closely in relation to business.

Being in debt is hard. It is difficult pietra dawn cherniak to be financially responsible. Choose your hard.

  • It is difficult to keep your money in the bank while it earns 1%. It is difficult to invest in something more risky, where the potential rewards are higher. Choose your hard.
  • It is difficult to find new business leads. It is difficult to speak with strangers at a networking meeting. Choose your hard.
  • It is difficult to find the time to complete all of your daily tasks. It is difficult to delegate and train your employees. Choose your hard.
  • It is difficult to watch your red blouse business slow down. It is difficult to commit to increasing your marketing spending. Choose your hard.
  • It is difficult to do the same thing over and over again. It is difficult to write and review your business plan. 
  • It is difficult to recruit new staff. It is difficult to engage a recruit agent. 
  • It is difficult to avoid having difficult conversations. It is difficult to have difficult, but necessary conversations. 

No matter how hard you try, life is difficult. Sometimes, the hardest choice is the best. Accept the difficulties, and find the energy and time to accomplish the things that you are most passionate about. Find solutions and not excuses.