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Fashion Fundamentals: A Beginners Guide For Women

Fashionable dressing is easier than it seems.

After eight years of personal shop for hundreds (or even thousands of) people, I’m now able to see how a woman can easily improve her shopping, image and Fashion Fundamentals skills. With this in mind, I am sharing my top styling tips to help you look more confident, beautiful, and powerful.

Find Your Fashion Fundamentals Style Vibe

When you see someone’s personal photo (or feel jealous that she looks so good), ask yourself why.

  • Could it be the streetwear-sportiness of it?
  • How glamorous is she?
  • Do you think it’s her overall cool-girl quality?
  • Is it how comfortable-yet-perfectly-pulled-together she looks?
  • Do you find her powerful presence captivating?

Being an anthropologist allows you to replicate the personal style you love. To learn more from an image of another person, it is best to examine than to judge.

This is a way to appreciate the complexity of putting together whole looks. Instead of simply appreciating a single thing or detail, you capture the feeling of an entire aesthetic.

Let’s suppose you would like to feel more of the following feelings: You admire women who dress in this way.

These women will grab your attention because they are authentic in their approach. They believe it’s an inner feeling they show through their clothing choices. They dress to express that side of themselves.

It’s important to understand why you love it before you wear it

The most stylish people are able to adapt to their tastes and create a wardrobe.

They create a wardrobe that feels right.

If you can understand why you like an item, you will be more successful in choosing the pieces that feel right for you.

You might be able to hear yourself saying:

  • “Ohh! That is a lovely shirt!”
  • “Those pants look cool!”
  • “That shirt is bizarre.”
  • “I want that shoes.”

Your entire wardrobe should be worn at least once

Let’s be real: You have so many shit that you don’t even wear but refuse to let go.

Marie Kondo doesn’t apply to your closet, so forget about it. To clear out your closet clutter without spending extra money or time, follow my Wear It Once process.

Either you feel more confident in wearing every Fashion Fundamentals piece of clothing, or you feel the need to get rid of it.

Competence is key to your success

Personal style is best developed when creativity meets competence, just like when you learn to cook. To be able to move on to culinary arts, one must first learn knife yielding. While this may seem to come easily at times, it is usually a culmination over many years of practice and self-expression. Get rid of the sloppy edges to allow you more freedom.

Learn about the science of fashion, and then use the lessons.

  • You’ll be confident that you are making intelligent decisions once you gain a greater sense of skill.
  • You will eventually feel more free to explore your creativity, expand your horizons and be more relaxed.

Take control of your body and be proud

Your body is fashion’s greatest accessory. You are your canvas. It can be frustrating and limit your creativity if you don’t know how best to dress your body.

It’s not easy to know your body shape.

  • How to make it wrong.
  • You can’t look better if you find fault.
  • You can make yourself look like someone else’s ideal.

Understanding your body shape is Fashion Fundamentals

  • Learn your proportions correctly
  • How your figure influences clothing design
  • It is crucial to make smarter purchases and avoid frustrating shopping experiences.

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