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Fashion Fundamentals: A Beginners Guide For Women

It is much easier than you think to dress stylishly.

Fashion Fundamentals Eight years of personal shopping with hundreds (or thousands) of people, I have lost track of how many women I have seen able to improve their shopping, fashion, and image skills.

In this spirit, I share my top styling tips for getting your style unstuck so you can feel more confident and beautiful.

Find your Style Vibe

Next time you are impressed by someone’s image or feel jealous of her looks, ask yourself: “Why do I like her?” “What vibe does she have that I want to feel like?”

  • It is streetwear’s sportiness?
  • How glamorous does she look?
  • Does it have to do with her cool-girl personality?
  • Is it how comfortable-yet-perfectly-pulled-together she looks?
  • Is her powerful presence something that catches your attention?

As an anthropologist, you can replicate the personal style that you love. It is better to learn from someone than to judge.

This adds to the complexity of putting together entire looks because instead of just appreciating one detail or thing, you are capturing the overall feeling of an aesthetic.

Let’s say you want to feel more of (insert adjective). It’s common to see women who embody this in their clothes, and it is something you admire.

Because they do it authentically, these women are a draw for you. It is an inner feeling that they express through their clothes choices. They dress to express this part of themselves.

To wear it, you need to know why.

Amazing style is a result of being attuned and able to effortlessly create a wardrobe from their preferences.

They make a wardrobe from what feels right.

You’ll be more successful choosing pieces that you love if you understand why.

Have you ever heard yourself say:

  • “Ohh, that’s a beautiful shirt.”
  • “Those pants are very cool.”
  • “That shirt is strange.”
  • “I want that shoe.”

At least once a week, wear your entire wardrobe

Let’s face it, you have so much crap you don’t wear and refuse to give up.

Marie Kondo is dead, at least not for your closet. You can clear your closet clutter by following my Wear It Once method, which doesn’t require you to spend more money or take up extra time.

You can either feel a renewed enthusiasm for the clothing or you have a clear sense that it needs to go.

Competency is your best weapon

As with learning how to cook, creativity and competency are the best ingredients for personal style. Before one can Fashion Fundamentals move into the culinary arts, they must learn how to use a knife. This can sometimes come easily, but it is often a result of hard work and dedication over time. You’ll feel more free to play if you work on your imperfections.

  • Learn the science behind fashion and then apply it to your life.
  • Once you have a better sense of skill, I guarantee you will feel confident in your ability to make sophisticated decisions.
  • You’ll eventually feel more comfortable exploring your creativity and expanding your horizons.

Find your body’s natural shape and embrace it

Your body is fashion’s most important accessory, and you are the canvas. If we don’t know how to dress our bodies, it can limit creativity and/or highlight insecurities. This can lead to frustration and a feeling of being limited.

It is difficult to understand your body shape.

  • It’s about making it wrong.
  • To look better, you must find fault.
  • Try to be like the ideal person you see.

Understanding your body shape is:

  • Correctly learning your proportions
  • Clothing design is influenced by your body shape.
  • This is an essential step towards making Fashion Fundamentals better purchases and ending frustrating shopping experiences.

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