What is a Crop Top?

Crop tops are T-shirts that have the bottom cut off. This exposes the belly button, if there is enough fabric. Crop tops are made by clothing brands and designers. However, you can make a crop top from an old or large T-shirt. Crop tops can be worn in spring and summer as light garments. Crop tops are more likely to have short sleeves. However, these tops can also feature long sleeves (as in crop top hoodies), or be sleeveless tank shirts.

Four Ways to Make A Crop Top

These are the best ways to make different styles of crop tops out of an old shirt.

  1. Create your own crop top T shirt. Your shirt should be folded in half vertically. Hold the collar in your left hand, and line the sleeves with your right. Measure how much you would like to trim off the bottom of the shirt by placing it on a flat surface. Place some heavy books or weights on top of the shirt. Take the portion of the shirt that you wish to cut off and pull it up using your fabric scissors.
  2. Create fun fringes. A fringe can add a fun element to your T-shirt recycling project. Your T-shirt should be folded in half. Before trimming the fringe, measure how much fabric you want to cover your body. Next, fold the shirt in half and place it flat on your back. Begin by slicing about 2 inches from the bottom of your shirt, each inch. Next, work your way around the sides and back of the shirt. To make fringes thinner and more stringy, you can extend the fringe.
  3. Tie a front tie. A fun crop top can be made without having to cut your shirt. Your shirt on, place your right hand over the left-hand side of the shirt. Pass the shirt through your right arm and cinch the crop top until you’re satisfied with its size. This part of your shirt can be tied in a knot and let hang to the side.
  4. The sides can be cut. Place your shirt horizontally, fold it in half and place it on a surface. Make two inches of cuts with fabric scissors along the sides. Take the shirt apart and pull the cutouts out. Next, take each fringe and divide it in half. To create a shorter, cinched-top with ribbons running along the sides, tie the fringes at the ends.

There are 4 ways to wear a crop top

Crop tops are a great way to add a unique touch to your outfit. These are some ways you can wear a crop-top:

  1. A black crop top can be worn with jeans. The black crop top looks great with a matching pair of high-waisted jeans and a denim jacket. This streetwear look is easy but stylish and can be worn with more casual outfits.
  2. A crop top can be paired with a long, flowing skirt. You have a lot of options with these two pieces of clothing. A plaid skirt that sits high at the waist can be paired with a solid-colored croptop matching the color of the skirt’s narrower stripes. A striped crop top can be worn with a solid skirt in a different color.
  3. A sleeveless croptop can be worn with shorts. A sleeveless top with a crop can be worn with shorts in warmer temperatures to create fashionable boardwalk or beachwear.
  4. Crop tops can be worn with overalls. A crop top can be worn under corduroy or denim overalls for a summery look.