How to Use Hair Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors and getting knowledge on how to use hair thinning scissors are always exciting for everyone. Not only the barber who is purchasing scissors and doing hair thinning but also the one who is getting haircuts wants to know about this. So, let’s start and explore the interesting details.

  1. What Are Hair Thinning Scissors?

Thinning scissors have two blades but not like average shears. One blade has teeth, and the other does not have. These teeth are a bit grooves that take and cut the hair in uniform and smooth sections.

The purpose of using thinning scissors is to lighten the density, soften the lines and haircut, and blend the hair between sections.

Also, the number of teeth in shears varies on the type of hair thinning scissor you choose. With each cut, hair thinning scissors shed less hair than traditional shears and create a smooth and consistent hairstyle from any side.

1.1 When Are Hair Thinning Scissors Used?

As you read above, one of the purposes is to lighten the density. When the hair needs manipulation to achieve the desired hairstyle, hair thinning scissors are picked.

Commonly, these are used when someone opts for a short hairstyle like bob or lob cut, asymmetrical bob.

Hair thinning scissors are used on dry hair after a haircut to remove unevenness. It will give a proper shape and true pattern.

1.2 Misconceptions About Using Hair Thinning Scissors:

Hair thinning scissors are not much important in a haircut. People think that they can get the same results with regular shears if you, as a hairdresser, cut their hair upwards from the ends.

But, in reality, hair thinning scissors are less time-consuming and give better results and seamless finish, shape, and blend.

Another misconception is, lowering density in curly hair should be done by cutting hair in layers. Because hair thinning scissors can make hair frizzy and destroy the curl pattern.

1.3 Select the Ideal Hair Thinning Scissors to Use on The Hair Accordingly:

Every shear is made for a different texture and has adjustable screws with a different number of teeth. Select the one best suited for your texture.

A thinning scissor has 7 to 25 teeth that cut 40 to 70% of the hair in few cuts. Therefore, the number of teeth plays a vital role in thinning hair density.

A clear statement is if the teeth or grooves are many or very closely in shear, it will create subtle change. So, if you are cutting thicker hair, pick the shear with few teeth; it will lighten the bulkiness.

On the other hand, if you are working on finer hair and want the beautiful texture and blend, shear with more teeth will be suitable.

  1. How to Use Hair Thinning Scissors?

Step 1: Grip the Shear in The Right Way:

The traditional western grip is famous and adapted by the many hairdressers. This technique will not hurt your hand and wrist. Let’s read how to do that.

Hold the thinning scissor in your hand where the upper blade is still a blade, and the lower blade is an action blade (blade with teeth facing upward).

  • Let the middle and index finger rest on the shaft of the scissor.
  • Now, insert the ring finger in the finger roll.
  • Your pinky finger rests on the tank.

When all four fingers are in their places and relaxed, it should create a balance. It means when your palm is facing downward, and there is no other support to thinning the scissor or hand and fingers are relaxed, the scissor is balanced. In this way, you will get complete control of your scissor.

  • Lower your fingers so that that thumb can reach the other finger roll.
  • Take your thumb and press against the action blade (without actually entering the thumb in the action blade), creating tension just below the second knuckle of the ring finger.

Most of the hairdressers go wrong with the above step when entering the thumb in the action blade. Properly following the steps will allow you to do the free and wide movements of thinning scissors in any direction to give your client a flawless hairstyle.

Step 2: Properly Comb the Hair:

You must properly comb the hair to remove any tangles and knots because a smooth and tangle-free head ensures the hairdresser performs the job flawlessly.

Use combs and brushes according to the hair texture and help the process with tangle tweezer and fingers to detangle hair. When it’s done, run the fingers through the hair to check.

Suppose the texture is not getting smooth, flat iron, or blow-dry the client’s hair with their consent. But keep the desired length in mind what the client wants when cutting the hair.

As you read above, hair thinning scissors work best on dry hair. So, inform the client to keep their hair dry.

Step 3: Cut the Hair:

First, you have determined the best hair thinning scissors; then, you get the knowledge on how to hold them. Now, it is time to cut the hair.

Hold the section of hair with a comb or between your index and middle finger while gripping the thinning shear in the right way.

While shear positioning diagonally or at a 45-degree angle, cut the different hair parts to shape them according to the desired hairstyle.

A comb or detangling tool will help you keep the hair tangle-free and removing the debris of cut hair from natural hair.

When thinning the hair, keep checking from different angles that you thin the correct amount of hair.

  1. Use the Thinning Scissors to Blend:

After the haircut, it’s time to blend the different sections of hair.

Hold the hair section between your index and middle finger from the middle point where two sections meet that you want to blend.

Open the scissor and make a gentle and smooth motion to close the thinning scissor to blend. Make sure not to pick much hair to blend at first.

Gradually go upward while considering the amount of hair to shed.

  1. How to Use Thinning Scissors by Yourself?

If you want to use hair thinning scissors to maintain your hair without spending much money and time going to a salon or just want to explore hidden talent, we encourage you.

Because you are a beginner, we advise you to thin less hair to achieve the desired hairstyle than you want to. Be aware; there is no undo option.

Use the thinning shears at the end of your haircut to blend the two hair sections. When it comes to the back of your head, ask someone to help. Also, you can use a mirror as you do when coloring your hair.