Fashion Choices That You Should Avoid From Today

Comfort is often synonymous with stylish fashion choices, yet comfort remains the best way to achieve fashion success. Not only can it benefit your health, but appearing confident is one of the ultimate fashion statements! So whether it be stiletto heels or soft feel of spanx; remove them from your wardrobe immediately.

Even if these seven items from your wardrobe bring joy, it is vitally important that they go. Doing so will safeguard both your physical and mental health.

High heels

It is widely acknowledged that high-heeled shoes are detrimental to both feet and general body posture, especially with 6-inch stilettos, leading to poor body positioning, skin irritation and toe deformation.

Avoiding temptation when it comes to heels is your best bet for staying healthy and pain-free. Wearing them will alter the regular form of your body, potentially causing backache or stooping of your spine.

Tight, low-rise jeans

Tight, low-rise jeans could cause external numbness in the thigh area – commonly referred to as tight pants syndrome by medical practitioners – which has sent many women seeking neurologists’ consultation as it progresses further. Its severity has even brought many women seeking treatment with neurologists; evidence that shows just how serious this condition can be.

Due to compression of the superficial femoral cutaneous curve, medical professionals suggest that if you wish to wear low-rise jeans for any amount of time at all then buy larger size.

Wet bathing suit

Wearing wet bathing suits is illegal and should be seen as a serious crime, posing serious skin irritation risks and contributing to unpleasant smells that could potentially lead to yeast or fungal infections.

Flip flops

Flip-flops and stilettos, while stylish and comfortable, may not provide adequate support to protect your feet.

Therefore, without shock-absorbency in these slippers, they could cause inflammation of connective tissues as well as blisters on your heel of your foot. Therefore, flip-flops must also be avoided.

Spanx and Shapewear

Their benefits cannot be overstated, making these treatments among the most widely utilized ones. Unfortunately, however, these tight fitting garments can engorge nerves, leading to leg discomfort as well as sensations of tingling in some instances.

Sooner or later, this becomes bearable, but when it becomes unbearable it becomes difficult for breathing lungs to function normally.

As there are fashion options that look stylish yet are beneficial to your health, take advantage of them now.