Arts & Crafts: “Fashion Art” is Moving

Arts and crafts are not only a way to record fashion but also a key driver of trends and changes in how we wear it.

Arts and Crafts gave their name even to an artistic movement that revolutionized Fashion Art in the late nineteenth and early 20th century. The movement produced not only paintings and sculptures but also stunning clothing and textiles as well as iconic accessories and design themes.

The Victorian era saw art-inspired fashion revolutionized by the Arts and Crafts movement. They also changed the way women wedding day diamonds dress at a fundamental level. Victorian women wore restrictive and uncomfortable clothing, such as corsets with heavy, hooped sleeves or cumbersome bustles.

Fashion Art in fashion: collaboration & scandal

Collaborations between designers and artists fashion souls are becoming more common. Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons collaborated recently to create the ‘Gazing Ball Paintings’ range of bags, accessories, and Dior teamed up with KAWS in New York to create its 2019 capsule collection for men.

Fashion Art has a long history of connection to fashion. It can be used to document the trends and styles from the past or to inspire new trends. Although Fashion Art can sometimes seem to be driven by commercialism, it can also spark genuine innovation and even political activism. Sometimes it is just a great source of juicy gossip.

The Cathartic Art of Dressing Up

Let’s discuss the “Fashion Art of Dressing Up”, also known as “Personal Style”, and its cathartic qualities. Fashion is more than farm photography just the acquisition of material goods or the desire to display one’s social status. It’s so much more than that. It’s a way to express yourself and a fashion art form.

My style today began in my final year of college, two years after I graduated, when I was doing some soul-searching. I realized that I don’t need to conform to any mold or have a particular style. I can be anything I want to be. I think I’ve actually tapped into my early-childhood-self, because I became more creative and dressing up became even more fun. For a day, I can be bohemian, sexy, chic, edgy, or retro. You can be soft and feminine, or more edgy. I choose the person I want to be for that day, and then I go from there. I find dressing up a form Fashion Art and Expression that allows me to express myself. It is also a way for me to experience some kind of catharsis.