Contact for Papers: Religion and Horror Comics

When Many genres Give the Capacity to get Theological exploration and reflection of spiritual problems, the essence of terror offers specific methods to wrestle with those queries. Due to the fact the EC Comics of the 1950s, terror comic books also have played theological do the job in a way which are often clear, sometimes delicate, nevertheless usually surprising as well as intriguing. This amount will result in documents since the history of horror comic books, having an emphasis in their own participation with spiritual and theological problems.


Essays Are recognized to the subjects of this Morality of this EC Comics, the liminality of both John Constantine, cosmic indifference at the job of Junji Ito, along with also the re-incarnated demons of this web comic”The Devil can be really actually just a Handsome male ” We’re looking for essays over the wide Assortment of Other subjects, maybe including but not always Limited to:


Alan Moore’s Swamp Point and also Post-Humanist Theology

 Spiritual Pluralism and also The Sandman

 Lucifer from the Sandman Universe

 The Theological Uni-Verse of Gideon’s Drop

 The Role of all Islam at Infidels

 Folks Religious Methods and also Harrow County

 The Individual and the Divine at Chu

 Horror Being a Theological twist in Superhero Comics (especially how Bat Man and Daredevil utilize terror )

 Cain and Abel at House of all Secrets/House of all Thriller

 The Joker’s Theology

 Hunting the Divine at Werewolf by Night Time

 The Unseen Realities of all Outcast

 Concept S of Hell and damnation at Hellboy along with also Spawn

 Since there’s been a Whole Lot of Informative article On The Walking Dead, we won’t incorporate some documents onto this inside this quantity.

 This quantity Is Part of this Religion and Comics Series, released by Claremont Press. It’s Going to Be co-edited from Brandon R. Grafius along with John W. Morehead. Grafius consists of associate professor of biblical research at Ecumenical Theological Seminary, whose current publications Include Things like exploring the Bible using Horror (Lexington Books/Fortress Educational ) plus also a guide about the movie The Witch at the Devil’s Advocates Sequence (Auteur Publishing/Liverpool College Press). Morehead is your owner of, also is currently now a contributor, editor along with co-editor into some Variety of novels such as The Un Dead and Theology, Joss Whedon and Religion, The Super Natural Cinema of both Guillermo del Toro, along with Outstanding Supporter Cultures along with also the Holy. With each other, they also will have co-edited the amount Theology and Horror (Lexington Books, forthcoming), and also the Oxford Handbook of Deadly Monsters (approaching, 20 23 ).