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Bi Pride: September is here! This is the best month of all!

This month is a great time to be bisexual. It’s cool and comfortable, the temperature drops to a human-safe level, it’s dark before 9 p.m., and you can hang your Halloween decorations. It’s a whole month of fun to be bi. It might seem a little more difficult to celebrate Bi Pride Month this year, but don’t worry! This bi babe shares the inside scoop on how to celebrate Bi Pride Month.

1. Bi pride Decorate

Bi people have the best color scheme. The official colors are pink, purple, and bleu. They also make for the most beautiful and aesthetic. You can show the world your pride with a bi flag or fake bi pride flower decoration on your patio. Grab some chalk and create your bi-colored symbols.

You are looking for something simpler? You can susanne benton paint your entire house bi if you own it. You can then dip your fingers in leftover paint to create bi pride angels on your driveway. You can skip this step.

2.Change Up Your WiFi

A good, heartfelt grunt over a terrible pun is the best way to show bisexuality. This is the perfect gift that will never stop giving, especially if there aleisha allen are people visiting your home or you live in an apartment complex with many people trying to borrow your Wi-Fi.

3.Get a chair

Take a look, reader. This is difficult to believe, but many of us are in dangerous positions. You need to get rid of the old chair you have been using and replace it with a better one. Perhaps you have been putting your foot on the arm, or putting too much pressure on one leg.

4. Make or buy lemon bars

September is a month that doesn’t choose a season. Lemon bars are a mix of sweet and tart. Learn how to make a delicious bi snack, and you won’t be the only one. Here’s a recipe that will help you get started in your new lemon adventure.

5. Bi Up Your Style bi Pride

Are you being told you are not bisexual? (Seriously, how does that even translate?) These are some easy ways to let strangers know your sexual orientation. On their way to the donation centre, ask your grandfather for his battered flannels. Take your jeans out of the closet, and cuff them every time you leave the house. Make sure to tie your shirt. Do you want to change your hairstyle?

We might not have any parades or parties this year, and perhaps our Bi Visibility Day celebrations are limited to our pod. But, there are many safe ways to display our bi pride, large and small. We want to know how you celebrate Bi Pride Month this Year!

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