Beach Wedding Dresses for Men

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Weddings are making a huge comeback after two years of being more home-based. This year, expect a full mailbox or inbox filled with invitations. Beach-bound destination weddings? We’re on board, literally! You’ll need to think about what you will wear before you pack your bags for the oceanside nuptials. Stumped? Don’t be. These are some beach wedding attire ideas for men that you can sport while shell-ebbing the happy couple. You can see what we did there.

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Beach wedding dress codes:

Beach wedding attire for men isn’t always so simple. Although most seaside weddings are casual affairs some may be more formal. The dress code on the invitation will dictate what you wear. There is no dress code. Consider the location and the vibe of the couple. You can always reach out and ask the soon-weds. You can be sure they will appreciate it. Let’s get to the bottom of what men should wear for a beach wedding. Below is a list of casual, semi-formal, and formal beach wedding attire.

Casual beach attire for men

Beach weddings can bring about a splash of water on the shore, or even the sun beating down. Sand is inevitable. It’s not surprising that most beach weddings are casual. Shorts are a good choice if your invitation mentions casual beach attire for men. You can pair them with a bold, bohemian floral print shirt and button-down. You can choose from brighter colors or more quirky prints at weddings near the water. Try a Hawaiian- or nature-inspired shirt. It will fit in perfectly with your laid-back surf vibe.

Are shorts acceptable for beach wedding attire?

Yes, it’s true. But be careful. When it comes to choosing the right beach attire for men, shorts are allowed. We want you to remember the dress code for coastal weddings. As we’ve said before, shorts are only appropriate for casual or laid-back events. Shorts are the best choice for men’s summer and spring wedding attire. You can choose from linen or cotton fabrics and leave the jeans at home. It’s important to keep your look professional and refined. Choose a pair that is clean, crisp, and has minimal wear.

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Semi-Formal Beach Wedding Dresses for Men

Weddings tend to have a formal feel so it is not surprising that the dress code requires semi-formal attire for beach weddings. You can still look confident and comfortable in semi-formal attire. You can keep your beachy colors in rotation by wearing a pair of pants with colored stripes. Cropped and cuffed pants, which are very in-style, allow you to show off your ankles. Top it off with a long-sleeve button down shirt and a tie. You can also opt for no neckwear and leave the first or second button unbuttoned on your shirt. You can also wear dress shoes, and you will be ready to take your style to the beach.

Formal beach wedding attire for men

You can jet-set off to a luxurious island resort or private water-front rental for a wedding. Make sure to pack men’s formal beach attire. Formal wedding wear typically calls for dark, neutral-colored suits made from structured fabrics. Beach destinations are an exception to the rule. Beach formals include suits, button-downs and ties, as well as dress shoes, just like at any other formal event. To keep cool in the scorching sun, you will want to keep your colors and fabrics lightweight. It’s also possible to hide sweat stains with pale colors. A breezy blazer in baby blue, grey, or khaki is a good choice. It can be layered over a crisp button down and paired with a pair of pants in the same color story. You can raise your glass to newlyweds as well as your idyllic surroundings by adding camel-toned footwear.

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Style Tips for the Beach Bound Groom

No worries if you are the one at the altar waiting and are unsure of what to wear. We’ve got you covered. Your partner should take the spotlight. Therefore, your beach wedding attire should be formal. A pair of beige linen pants, paired with a button-down seersucker shirt and sleeveless blouse is a good choice if you are opting for casual nuptials. You can wear flip-flops, or go barefoot and soak your toes into the warm sand. There are no cold feet. A formal beach wedding requires a grey or dusty-blue suit with a pocket square and a white shirt. To complement your beachy background, you can also lean on the lighter hues. Remember to match your mate. Follow their lead if they’re going casually (or formally). Congratulations on your special day! While your tans may fade, the memories will last a lifetime.